Quandis Excel Plug-In

Quandis is now providing clients with the flexibility to order and process services through the Quandis Excel Plug-In. This new tool allows web service orders to be made from Microsoft Excel 2007 and above. Orders can be submitted in real-time and the results are returned directly to the excel application in near real time. It is simple to set up and eliminates the need for IT support. New and existing clients can now order products like; Active Duty Searches, Bankruptcy searches, and Skip Traces, faster than ever. Secure and robust, the Quandis Excel Plug-In puts data services at your finger-tips. Download and install the zip setup package and get started today.

Please note:
Only Version 2 of the Quandis Excel Plug-In is supported. It requires .NET 4.0 or above and works with Office 2010 and above.

There is a known issue with office 2013:

As of 11/20/2014 Microsoft is aware of, and working on the issue. The current work around is to back up and remove the VSTOInstaller.exe.config file prior to installing the Quandis Excel Plug-In.
On x86 machines the file is located here:

  • C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesMicrosoft SharedVSTO10.0VSTOInstaller.exe.Config

On 64-bit operating systems the file is is located here:

  • C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedVSTO10.0VSTOInstaller.exe.Config