2017 HW Vanguard: Scott Stoddard

As chief executive officer and co-founder of Quandis, Scott Stoddard’s expertise in providing innovative default servicing technology solutions to the mortgage banking industry spans more than 25 years. Since founding Quandis in 2003, his leadership and management style has fostered entrepreneurial minded, out-of-the-box thinking and has resulted in a very low attrition rate with staff.

The enhancements Stoddard drove proved to deliver many internal procedure efficiencies for law firms, significantly reduced costs for SCRA compliance adherence, and identify borrowers that have active duty status.

In 2017, Quandis also officially rolled out Quandis Court Connect, a sophisticated data service that completely automates much needed monitoring of state courts for desired case activity to satisfy compliance and adhere to internal procedures. Often, users at law firms manually visit court websites on a one-by-one basis in order to locate cases of interest, which is onerous, labor intensive, and is prone to errors and missed cases.

Shortly after the launch of QCC, Stoddard formed a partnership with CaseAware, which is a leading case management system that is widely utilized by default law firms. With the integration, users can easily initiate court case searches across the country directly from within the CaseAware CMS.

What has been your secret to success?

“As an entrepreneur, I see many business opportunities. In order to capture them, be strategic, but moreover just go for it.”

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