Kaseya VSA Software Vulnerability: Quandis Not Affected

Quandis does not use Kaseya VSA Software, and as such, we are not affected by the recent ransomware attacks.

  1. Does your company use Kaseya VSA Software? (Y/N)
    • NO
  2. If you answered YES above:
    • Have you scanned or otherwise assessed your networks to ensure unauthorized parties have not gained access? (Y/N)
      • N/A
    • Have you experienced any unauthorized activity or access within your environment as a result of the Kaseya VSA vulnerabilities aforementioned? (Y/N)
      • N/A
    • Have you taken the steps to implement the cybersecurity best practices recommended by CISA and the FBI (https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/current-activity/2021/07/04/cisa-fbi-guidance-msps-and-their-customers-affected-kaseya-vsa) ?  (Y/N)
      • N/A
    • If not, please provide details of the steps you have taken.
      • N/A
  3. Have you inquired of your third parties that process Client data (fourth parties to the Client) to determine the impact to their systems and remediation steps being taken? (Y/N)
    • We have had no integration partners indicate they are impacted by the attack.


Please forward any detailed questions to compliance@quandis.com.