Quandis Title Direct

Quandis Title Direct (QTD) application provides financial services company and attorney firms with seamless capability to order title products, including origination, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu and loan modification specific title reports. QTD provides:

  • Load balancing across your preferred title vendors (based on virtually any criteria you prefer)
  • Duplicate checking, ensuring that your vendors don’t accidentally order title when you have a current policy
  • Extending existing title policies, rather than ordering new ones, where appropriate (according to your rules)

QTD captures and stores the title information and documents, along with the discrete data elements. The title information is made accessible for the life of the loan. Additionally, QTD offers reporting capability to track operational key performance indicators and analytical processing.

Sample Title Data Flow

Below is a sample title workflow implement for a QTD client. You workflow can be customized in minutes to fit your requirements.

Ordering Title

QTD support ordering title several ways, including via API calls or bulk ordering via spreadsheets. Order may include the following fields:

Field Name Description Type Required Comments
OrderNumber Servicer Order number string Yes  
ProcessType Loss mitigation process string Yes Available list:   




  • DeedInLieu
  • LoanModification
ProductType Title Order type string Yes Available list:   




  • DeedInLieuReport
  • DeedInLieuSigningService
  • LoanModificationReport
  • LoanModificationSigningService
OrderDate Order Date DateTime Yes  
Address Property street address string Yes  
City Property City string yes  
State Property State string Yes  
PostalCode Property Zip code string Yes  
APNNumber Assessor Parcel Number string Optional  
LegalDescription     Optional  
PropertyType See pre-defined list string Optional Available list:   




  • SingleFamily
  • CoOp
  • Commercial
  • Condominium
  • Duplex
  • Fourplex
  • Manufactured
  • Mobile
  • MultiFamily
  • PUD
  • Townhome
  • Triplex
  • Vacant
ServicerLoanID Servicer loan ID string Yes  
Servicer Servicer Name string Yes  
AgencyLoanID GSE Loan Number string Yes (i.e. Freddie, Fannie)
OriginalLoanAmount   Decimal Yes  
UPBAmount Unpaid Balance Amount Decimal Yes  
MorgageDeedDatedDate   DateTime Optional  
MorgateDeedRecordedDate   DateTime Optional  
MortgageDeedAmount   Decimal Optional  
LoanType See pre-defined list string Optional Available list:   




  • Conventional
  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA
LienPosition   Integer Optional  
OriginatingLender   string Optional  
BPOFairMarketValue   Decimal Optional  
ModifiedLoanAmount   Decimal Optional  
ModifiedLoanType See pre-defined list string Optional Available list:   




  • Conventional
  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA
BorrowerFirstName Borrower First Name string Yes  
BorrowerMiddleName Borrower Middle Name string Optional  
BorrowerLastName Borrower Last Name string Yes  
BorrowerSSN4 Borrower Last four digits Social Security Number string Optional  
BorrowerHomePhone   string Optional Required if Product Type is DIL or LoanMod Signing Service
BorrowerCellPhone   string Optional Required if Product Type = DIL or LoanMod Signing Service
BorrowerWorkPhone   string Optional  
BorrowerEmail   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerFirstName   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerMiddleName   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerLastName   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerSSN4   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerHomePhone   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerCellPhone   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerWorkPhone   string Optional  
Co-BorrowerEmail   string Optional  
GranteeForDIL Entity that borrower is granting to string Optional  
GranteeAddressDIL Grantee Address string Optional  
GranteeCityDIL Grantee City string Optional  
GranteeStateDIL Grantee State string Optional  
GranteePostalCodeDIL Grantee ZipCode string Optional  
GranteeForSWD If Grantee of DIL grants to a different entity after DIL is recorded, grantee would be this 2nd entity string Optional  
GranteeAddressSWD GranteeSWD Adress string Optional  
GranteeCitySWD GranteeSWD City string Optional  
GranteeStateSWD GranteeSWD State string Optional  
GranteePostalCodeSWD GranteeSWD ZipCode string Optional  
Loan Modification Signer Name of the person signing the document string Optional  
Signing Location Name of the place, i.e. name of resident, name of business, or name of a landmark string Optional  
SigningLocationAddress   string Optional  
SigningLocaitonCity   string Optional  
SigningLocationState   string Optional  
SigningLocationPostalCode   string Optional  
AppointmentDate   date Optional Annotation “Signing Service Appointment date”
AppointmentTime   Time Optional Annotation “Signing Service Appointment Time”
NonEnglishSpeakerRequired   string Optional Annotation “Does this signing require a notary that speak a language other English?”
Attachment       Only Applicable to LoanModificiationSigningService product type