Quandis Servicemembers Outreach

Quarterly Portfolio Scrub

  • Updated with monthly delta file

Dashboard / GUI

  • Search/Identify borrowers and view SCRA search results.
  • Audit trail is displayed for each search.
  • Download images at borrower level or batch level
  • Canned reports including:
    • Status rollup per file. Drill down into each status. Burma All drill down searches are exportable into MS Excel for ease
    • Search Status by search date
    • Attention Required
      • Alias search returned positive hit (where original value did not)
      • Borrower was active and now inactive (or vice-versa)
  • Trigger searches for entire portfolio, individual borrowers or subset of borrowers based on status
  • Upload delta files (add/remove/update) borrowers
  • Native DOD Input and Response files are available for all searches

Letter Generation / Notification

  • Notification via email search statistics when batch is complete
  • Canned document templates for borrower correspondence
  • Generate all documents for active borrowers with one click. Documents can be downloaded or sent directly to certified mail provider
  • Notify all active borrowers via email and track which borrowers have responded to notification.


  • Name Permutation/Aliasing – handling permutation logic (name combinations): extensive consultation with DoD (r.e. suffix handling, etc). We can extend our permutation model to meet custom requirements
  • By default we submit to DOD using batch submission so I d
  • Realtime verification for ad-hoc status checks while borrower is on phone