Short Sale

The Quandis Short Sale (QSS) application streamlines Short Sale transactions to be processed more effectively and efficiently. This application allows Servicers to receive and complete Short Sale packages that include borrower financial, property valuation data, lien verification and all supporting qualification documentation from the borrower. The borrower and their listing agent can communicate directly to their Servicer, provide any additional information or documentation and track the progress of the Short Sale process.

Quandis incorporates a Loss Analysis tool in our Short Sale Application to assist Servicers with the decision and approval process. Multiple offers can be received and negotiated electronically. The automated workflow streamlines the communication between the Borrower, Servicer, Listing Agent, and Buyer’s Agent.

Key features:

  • Efficient and effective technology that will relieve Servicers of the time-consuming and labor-intensive short sale process.
  • Single, centralized, view of borrower, Servicer approvals, property listing, identification and approval of buyers and offers, and monitoring of property sale.
  • Easy to follow process for the borrower or listing agent to initiate and build the Short Sale Package.
  • Simply and Securely upload and store all borrower qualification documentation.
  • Quickly generate and access all documentation you would need in a Short Sale transaction, including:
    • Authorization to Release Information
    • Documentation Checklist
    • IRS 4506-T for Transcript of Tax Returns
  • Email updates and status tracking to borrowers and listing agents.
  • Instantly provide accurate property values and includes Listing and Sale Comps with unlimited photo capacity.
  • Efficiently handle varied default workflows that include government programs like HAFA.
  • Instantly receive current credit reports and perform lien verifications.
  • Robust reporting tools that allow you to track milestones, approval dates and any important information needed for compliance and analysis.
  • Monitor all phases of the escrow and closing process.
  • Direct real-time interface with leading mortgage servicing platforms.


Setup Fee: $20,000

Per File Fee*:

  • $25.00 for each new file
  • $75.00 for each completed process

*Monthly Minimum: $5,000