Servicing Systems Integrations

QBO offers plugins for all major servicing systems’ web services platforms.  To leverage these plugins, your company must subscribe to the servicing systems’ web services platform. With the plugins, QBO can communicate with your servicing systems in real time, include such activities as:

  • Reading loan information
  • Reading messages
  • Writing messages
  • Activating default processes
  • Setting task dates
  • Writing BPO values

The QBO servicing system plugins also supports “recipes”, where a single QBO API call results in a series of servicing system calls. For example, a single Loan/ServicingForeclosureSummary may aggregate results from your servicing system’s default account data, borrower data, user-defined fields, and deliver all the information your users need with a single call.

Note that some services charge for each web service call made. QBO can help manage the cost of these web service transaction by:

  • Accessing servicing data from your data warehouse (via web services you expose, or via flat file exchange over sFTP)
  • Invoking existing code you may have, such as screen scraping routines, instead of servicing system provider’s web services
  • Exchanging data with servicing systems in batch processes

MSP API Endpoints

The MSP Services Quandis has integrated with include, but are not limited to:

Services Description
Borrower Financials Read financial information on borrowers. Financial information examples include occupation, delinquency reason, income, other income, various assets, number of dependents, various living expenses, etc.
Collection Comments Read, update, or add collection comments and promise-to-pay information on borrowers as well as read comment contacts codes, response codes, and reason codes.
Contact Save Manage borrower-related and other, loan-related contact information.
Flexible Account View Provides read-only access to loan-level information tailored to the data needs of the specified application. Enables you to request up to 150 data elements at a time, from all areas of mortgage servicing for a specified loan.
Foreclosure Enables you to read information pertaining to the foreclosure of a specified loan.
Loan Search Enables you to perform a search for a loan based on borrower name or SSN, address and/or loan-specific variables. The loan search service performs a search across multi-client portfolios and returns all loans meeting the selection criteria.
Loan Select Enables you to read all loan and default related data into QBO.
Loss Mitigation Enables you to track a specific loan in the loss mitigation process, including activation of default workstations.
Valuation Enables you to read or update information in the client-defined user fields. This service includes each user field currently available to your company. Access to some user fields requires additional installation.