Who We Are

Scott Stoddard, CEO

Scott Stoddard is Chief Executive Officer of Quandis. He co-founded the company in 2003 and incorporated in 2004. His expertise in providing technology solutions to the mortgage banking industry spans more than 25 years.

Mr. Stoddard is renown in the mortgage servicing industry, having also co-founded LenStar in 1995. LenStar is an attorney referral and communications application for the mortgage servicing industry. Under the direction of Mr. Stoddard, LenStar grew from concept to over 1,000 attorney firms and over 80% of the top loan servicing companies. Mr. Stoddard sold LenStar to London Bridge Group in December of 1999 and stayed on until 2001 as the Group Executive of the ecommerce group through the transition of ownership.

Other positions previously held by Mr. Stoddard include Chief Technology Officer for The LOGS Group, Vice President of Systems for Mortgage Default Servicing, and 5 years of experience in the aerospace industry working with NASA, Rockwell International, and Hughes Aircraft.

Eric Patrick, CTO

Eric Patrick is Chief Technology Officer at Quandis. As co-founder, Mr. Patrick brings over 20 years of experience and expertise in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for the insurance and mortgage servicing industries. His passion is understanding complex business processes, and designing technology solutions that can be configured by business experts to meet constantly evolving business needs.

As Chief Architect and co-founder of Aspen Grove in 1997, Mr. Patrick developed the Aspen Workflow platform which is the driving force behind Aspen Grove’s web-based process management workflow solution that is used by thousands of agents today. In 2003, he left Aspen Grove to found Quandis, focusing on the credit solutions industry.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in computer science, Mr. Patrick entered the US Navy on a Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. He concluded five years of sea duty and two years of shore duty teaching at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, while simultaneously attending Northeastern University’s High Tech MBA program and University of Massachusetts, Boston, Masters in Computer Science program.

Kevin Cassidy, COO

Kevin Cassidy is the Chief Operating Officer at Quandis. He has been with the company since the inception in 2003 and was incorporated as a Partner in 2004. For over 15 years, Mr. Cassidy has focused on providing his highly effective and technical management expertise to the mortgage banking industry.

Mr. Cassidy is responsible for the company’s operational processes, procedures and policies across the enterprise. He also manages engineering efforts, architectured designed and client service. Mr. Cassidy ensures that Quandis’ solutions and services suite is highly configurable, flexible and scalable; and that they seamlessly integrate with disparate systems using advanced web services and contemporary architecture design.

Prior to joining Quandis, Mr. Cassidy was the VP of Engineering at London Bridge, which became Fair Isaac Corporation. There he was instrumental in the architecture and development of many of the company’s software solutions. Mr. Cassidy also was a Director and Senior Software Engineer at TekStar Admedia, a software development firm that offered mortgage technology solutions and services to the default management mortgage technology sector.

Greg Kent – President, Data Services

Greg Kent is the President of Data Services at Quandis. He became the first employee of Quandis in 2005, bringing with him his extensive hub management experience that now spans over 12 years. His responsibilities include the development and management of the daily operations for all Quandis Data Services (QDS).

Mr. Kent architected QDS from the ground up using Quandis Business Objects (QBO) technology and is responsible for the inception of several QDS services that are unmatched and utilized throughout the industry. QDS is currently integrated with over 100 business partners and handling millions of transactions per month.

Mr. Kent previously worked for London Bridge where he architected Bridgelink, an eCommerce Hub that allows companies to connect to a network of service providers and manage all data and service transactions. He is a graduate of Chapman University with a BS in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration.