Quandis Responds to White House Request to Partner with Banks and Servicers for New Military Personnel Program

Launch of Quandis Servicemember Outreach (QSO) website checks the Department of Defense’s database for SCRA active duty status and facilitates proactive service member contact efforts 

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif., Dec. 2, 2014 – Quandis, Inc., a leading provider of mortgage servicing software, announced that it rolled out a website to help address President Obama’s New Executive Actions to assist service members, veterans and their families.

In an official press release issued by the White House on August 26, 2014, President Obama outlined a program termed a “voluntary partnership” with financial lenders across the country to help deliver important financial and home loan-related protections to the military community.  Part of the program is to prevent foreclosures on active duty personnel in accordance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) of 2003 by proactively querying the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) for status no less than once a quarter, according to the White House.

As a result, Quandis launched QSO (Quandis Servicemember Outreach), a website with back-end technology that allows lending entities to easily upload and scrub their loan portfolios in order to accurately identify active military service members.  QSO performs detailed data scrubs of the Department of Defense (DoD) website that includes name permutation, validation and normalization.  This means that all possible active duty military personnel name variations and statuses are checked to ensure SCRA compliance.

“The White House has spoken loud and clear:  banks and servicers must make every possible attempt to locate active military personnel, make them fully aware of their benefits, and adhere to the SCRA,” stated Scott Stoddard, CEO of Quandis.  “It is completely remiss of banks and servicers to ignore the White House’s request to partner with them and bring relief to service members, veterans and their families.”

QSO also arms servicers and banks with information to proactively reach out to individuals that have been identified as being eligible for various benefits under SCRA, notify them of their options, and simplify the application process.

QSO provides dashboards and reporting for each search activity and a history log along with the ability to generate docs, reach out to borrowers via email, and track outreach program efforts and responses.

Several large banks and mega lenders have already partnered with the White House and committed to implementing its provisions.  The official White House news release, as issued by the Office of the Press Secretary, can be found here.

Quandis has an existing standalone military search service that is currently in use by foreclosure attorneys, servicers, banks, lenders and third party outsource providers.  Organizations can learn more about the new Quandis Servicemember Outreach (QSO) website by visiting https://qso.quandis.net.   On the website is a brief video that describes the program in greater detail. 

About Quandis

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California, Quandis is a leading mortgage servicing software provider specializing in web-based solutions for the mortgage banking industry. Quandis’ solutions include foreclosure process automation, valuation software, military search services, bankruptcy status searches, short sale portals, skip tracing systems, collection solutions, vendor solutions, as well custom application development.  The company’s clients range from servicers, to foreclosure attorneys, lenders, banks, GSEs, outsourced service providers, and agents and brokers. For more information, please visit www.quandis.com or call (949) 391-9029.

Quandis Servicemembers Outreach

Quarterly Portfolio Scrub

  • Updated with monthly delta file

Dashboard / GUI

  • Search/Identify borrowers and view SCRA search results.
  • Audit trail is displayed for each search.
  • Download images at borrower level or batch level
  • Canned reports including:
    • Status rollup per file. Drill down into each status. Burma All drill down searches are exportable into MS Excel for ease
    • Search Status by search date
    • Attention Required
      • Alias search returned positive hit (where original value did not)
      • Borrower was active and now inactive (or vice-versa)
  • Trigger searches for entire portfolio, individual borrowers or subset of borrowers based on status
  • Upload delta files (add/remove/update) borrowers
  • Native DOD Input and Response files are available for all searches

Letter Generation / Notification

  • Notification via email search statistics when batch is complete
  • Canned document templates for borrower correspondence
  • Generate all documents for active borrowers with one click. Documents can be downloaded or sent directly to certified mail provider
  • Notify all active borrowers via email and track which borrowers have responded to notification.


  • Name Permutation/Aliasing – handling permutation logic (name combinations): extensive consultation with DoD (r.e. suffix handling, etc). We can extend our permutation model to meet custom requirements
  • By default we submit to DOD using batch submission so I d
  • Realtime verification for ad-hoc status checks while borrower is on phone

Scott Law Firm adopts Quandis Military Search Name Permutations

Quandis, Inc., a leading provider of mortgage servicing software, announced that Scott Law Firm, which serves the default servicing industry, is actively utilizing its new military search name permutation functionality. Scott Law Firm can now more easily and efficiently identify active duty military borrowers in the Department of Defense (DoD) database to comply with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

Quandis customized name permutation searches to meet Scott Law’s specific client needs. The solution also integrates with Scott Law’s case management system (CMS), CaseAware, seamlessly returning search findings back into the system along with the DoD’s official military status report. As a result, significant time is saved and the potential for data re-entry errors is eliminated.

Press Release

Military Search Support Name Permutations

The SCRA Military Search product now automatically checks DoD for all permutation of last names. For example, if you submit Jane Smith-Doe, the system will automatically search for:

  • Jane Smith-Doe
  • Jane Smith
  • Jane Doe
  • Jane Doe-Smith
  • Jane Smith Doe
  • Jane Doe Smith