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The completion of a short sale shouldn’t be materially longer than a traditional real estate transaction, barring a requirement for subordinate lien approval.  However, it can take up to a year for ill-prepared organizations to finalize short sales in today’s market.  When we or one of our customers opts to move forward with a short sale, using Quandis’ technology, we are able to complete the transaction efficiently and expeditiously for all parties involved.

Rob SchreibmanDirector, PennyMac

Automating the search of the PACER Web site via Quandis’ interface advances the process significantly.  ResWare users will now be able to focus on the results of the search rather than the steps involved in obtaining those results.

Bryan BuusPresident, Adeptive Software/ResWare

With Quandis’ new enhancements, our attorney clients now have the ability to perform PACER and Docket searches for borrower bankruptcies on both the national and district level—with the click of a button from within CaseAware. It also conveniently collates information and saves money because Quandis only pulls Dockets as needed, thus avoiding incurring fees for repetitious transactions.

Dan CannonCOO, KMCIS/CaseAware