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Security Update: VENOM Vulnerability does not apply to Quandis-hosted sites

The recently discovered VENOM vulnerability does not apply to Quandis-hosted sites. An acronym for VIRTUALIZED ENVIRONMENT NEGLECTED OPERATIONS MANIPULATION, this applies to very specific virtualization software. Quandis does not have the affected software installed in any of our hosting environments. For more information about VENOM as it applies to our specific hosting sites: Hosting.com: neither KVM/QEMU nor Xen […]

Default Servicing Technology Landscape

Overview Since the introduction of LenStar, default management platforms have focused on managing default timelines. LPS Desktop, LenStar/Tempo, VendorScape, Quandis Loan Servicing and others do an excellent job at this: all parties involved with the default can view the timelines, and given the appropriate permissions, update the dates. However, keeping track of the default timeline dates […]

Scott Law Firm adopts Quandis Military Search Name Permutations

Quandis, Inc., a leading provider of mortgage servicing software, announced that Scott Law Firm, which serves the default servicing industry, is actively utilizing its new military search name permutation functionality. Scott Law Firm can now more easily and efficiently identify active duty military borrowers in the Department of Defense (DoD) database to comply with the Servicemembers […]