Captcha Solving Explained

As Quandis has the capacity to invoke a variety of technical endpoints whether REST APIs or older web services using SOAP, we’ve always understood the value in connecting platforms to provide our clients the data they require without the hassle of automation effort. As a result, there are still a number of websites that operate without exposing APIs and prefer to direct activity with manual usage via web forms. Furthermore, some of these websites utilize Captcha in order to limit the amount of automation. As a solution provider we’ve been faced with both technical and ethical challenges when automating these types of websites. This has resulted in Quandis taking a practical approach and evaluating websites on a case by case basis resulting in some slick tools to assist our efforts.

Quandis Integration Approach

When we encounter a website the utilizes Captcha, we begin the integration process by answering some fundamental questions to ensure:

  • We have permissible purpose to access data in the first place
  • We’re abiding to the website Terms of Service. This may include:
    • Number of times we can access over a time-frame
    • Number of times based on unique IP address
    • Provisioning accounts to perform searches
  • Allow our clients to choose the automated Captcha solution provider
  • Allow our clients ability to solve the Captcha themselves to bypass automation if necessary.

*While Quandis ensures permissible purpose, we understand that use of CATPCHA solution providers is viewed by some as a ethical “grey area”. This is why we offer some technical features such as proxy servers and hook to plug in alternate solutions.

Quandis Captcha Technology

Quandis has a developed a Captcha solution strategy our various platforms can utilize as needed. We have a 3 step process for solving Captchas:

  • Solving Captchas is completely abstracted from any domain content. No NPI is ever exchanged with the solution provider
  • Infrastructure is “plug-and-play” and we can plug in any solution provider that you specify
  • We provide proxy servers for the solution providers so Captchas are solved from US based servers
  • Captchas are solved IAW Captcha provider purpose
  • We can bank solved Captchas and have them ready to use
  • We can score performance of Captcha providers and automatically switch providers if necessary
  • Auto-scale patterns are supported to accommodate volume spikes