Quandis Business Objects

The Quandis Business Objects (QBO) platform provides an integrated suite of web services for managing business operations from large-scale enterprises to small startups. Much as Microsoft Office served as a productivity suite for an individual, QBO is a productivity platform for a company.

QBO is maintained by “power users”: business experts who are trained to configure QBO, rather than developers who need to learn the nuances of your business. Tired of specifications that don’t match your actual business processes? Frustrated by scope creep? Take control of your business systems by using QBO to configure your business processes.

Modules include:


Features include:

  • Drag-and-drop files from your desktop onto any QBO record
  • Classify documents with templates, types and statuses
  • Set up jobs to monitor FTP sites to import documents
  • Seamless integration with Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and other storage systems
  • Create document templates for mail merge (Word, PDF, HTML, Google Map, Zip files)
  • Generate USPS Certified mailing numbers (available as mail merge data!)
  • Third parties can queue generation of documents mixing their data input


Features include:

  • Creation of new forms with fields defined on-the-fly
  • Automatic creation of a work list for each form
  • Load balanced assigned of users, teams, or setting of priorities based on a Matrix
  • Management screen use to view work throughput, reassign and re-prioritize tasks
  • Dedicated Audit work lists


Features include:

  • Steps that can invoke any QBO class and method ,  including task creation, document generation, systems integration, data services calls
  • Plug-in infrastructure to invoke any HTTP endpoint
  • Branching and parallel processing workflows
  • Drag-and-drop if-then statement creation based on any data points
  • Step selection based on Matrix output


QBO is a toolset intended to allow buisness experts (“power users”) configure solutions to automate many business tasks. Some tasks have already been automated by other software providers.

Features include:

  • Mail merging documents
  • Document imaging
  • Document delivery
  • Document printing
  • Mapping and geocoding
  • Telephony
  • Email


Features include:

  • Add notes related to a contact, loan, account, or any other object
  • Send and receive emails (including secure delivery)
  • Send and receive SMS text messages
  • Creating canned message templates
  • Message receipt tracking


QBO Process Management tracks business processes from inception to completion. Examples include loan origination, account collections, foreclosures, short sales, customer complaint resolution, compliant audit reviews, bankruptcies and many more use cases.

Processes share common characteristics, including:

  • Opened and closed dates and reasons
  • Optional outsourcing of the process to a third party (including secure extranet access)
  • Automated launching of a workflow in tandem with the creation of a process
  • Tracking related receipts and expenditures incurred during the execution of the process
  • Analytics to calculate the ROI associated with the process


The QBO Matrix module is an extremely powerful, easy-to-use rules engine. Use this module to easily centralize your business rules. Is your business handing spreadsheets of rules to IT, only to have IT define unwieldy sets of if/then statements?  Replace this maintenance cycle with point-and-click rules maintained by your business unit.

Features include:

  • Creating pricing matrix
  • Determining when to send borrower letters
  • Choosing which loan workout models are best
  • Underwriting loans
  • Validating invoice line item


The QBO Scoring module uses plug-ins to provide number crunching widgets to QBO systems.

Features include:

  • Power-user defined meta-data to track any type of information desired
  • A plug-in based on the Microsoft Excel Office Web Component (OWC)
  • Transformations to support scripted questionnaire

Technology Stack:

  • MSSQL Server 2008+
  • Microsoft IIS 7.5+
  • Application tier written in C#
  • Presentation tier leverages XML, XSLT
  • Queue management via SQL Service Broker, MSMQ, or Amazon SQS

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