The Quandis Military Search (QMS) data service offers verification and monitoring of active duty military status of an individual with the US Department of Defense as defined by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA).

Features include:

  • Name permutations automatically searched
  • SSN lookups available if you don’t have them
  • Combine search results into a single document per borrower or loan
  • Monitor active duty for any status changes


The Quandis Military Lending Act Search offers a cost effective, all-in-one verification and monitoriing of covered borrowers with the US Department of Defense as defined by the Military Lending Act (MLA).

Features include:

  • Data provided meets “safe harbor”: real-time response from the DoD
  • API-ready for integration into your underwriting engine
  • Fast: typically sub-second synchronous response time
  • Name permutations: don’t miss Jane Smith Doe because DoD has her as Jane Smith


The Quandis Bankruptcy Search (QBS) data service is a real-time wrapper around Pacer.

Features include:

  • National or Regional search in real time (say, the morning of a foreclosure sale)
  • Receive the data as both XML, and a PDF of the Pacer “screen shot”
  • Both singleton and batch processing support

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