Pre-Built Workflows

The Quandis Default Management System (QDM) comes packaged with pre-built tracking workflows for the foreclosure and bankruptcy processes.

For a detailed list of pre-built tracking workflows and tasks see QDM Workflows.

Below is a list of the pre-built workflows and common workflow tasks:

Bankruptcy Workflows

Motion for ReliefPayment Change NotificationTitle Claim BK
ObjectionProof of ClaimTransfer of Claim

Foreclosure Workflows

Foreclosure AK JudicialForeclosure MA JudicialForeclosure OH Judicial
Foreclosure AK Non JudicialForeclosure MA Non JudicialForeclosure OK Judicial
Foreclosure AL JudicialForeclosure MD JudicialForeclosure OR Judicial
Foreclosure AL Non JudicialForeclosure MD Non JudicialForeclosure OR Non Judicial
Foreclosure AR JudicialForeclosure ME JudicialForeclosure PA Judicial
Foreclosure AR Non JudicialForeclosure MI JudicialForeclosure RI Judicial
Foreclosure AZ JudicialForeclosure MI Non JudicialForeclosure RI Non Judicial
Foreclosure AZ Non JudicialForeclosure MN JudicialForeclosure SC Judicial
Foreclosure CA JudicialForeclosure MN Non JudicialForeclosure SD Judicial
Foreclosure CA Non JudicialForeclosure MO JudicialForeclosure TN Judicial
Foreclosure CO JudicialForeclosure MO Non JudicialForeclosure TN Non Judicial
Foreclosure CO Non JudicialForeclosure MS JudicialForeclosure TX Judicial
Foreclosure CT JudicialForeclosure MS Non JudicialForeclosure TX Non Judicial
Foreclosure DC JudicialForeclosure MT JudicialForeclosure UT Judicial
Foreclosure DC Non JudicialForeclosure MT Non JudicialForeclosure UT Non Judicial
Foreclosure DE JudicialForeclosure NC JudicialForeclosure VA Judicial
Foreclosure FL JudicialForeclosure NC Non JudicialForeclosure VA Non Judicial
Foreclosure GA JudicialForeclosure ND JudicialForeclosure VT Judicial
Foreclosure GA Non JudicialForeclosure NE JudicialForeclosure WA Judicial
Foreclosure HI JudicialForeclosure NE Non JudicialForeclosure WA Non Judicial
Foreclosure IA JudicialForeclosure NH JudicialForeclosure WI Judicial
Foreclosure ID JudicialForeclosure NH Non JudicialForeclosure WV Judicial
Foreclosure ID Non JudicialForeclosure NJ JudicialForeclosure WV Non Judicial
Foreclosure IL JudicialForeclosure NM JudicialForeclosure WY Judicial
Foreclosure IN JudicialForeclosure NV JudicialForeclosure WY Non Judicial
Foreclosure KS JudicialForeclosure NV Non JudicialClose and Bill
Foreclosure KY JudicialForeclosure NY In City JudicialTitle Claim
Foreclosure LA JudicialForeclosure NY Out City Judicial

Common Workflow Tasks

Approve / Reject Sales ResultsFirst Legal ActionSale Held
Begin Posting/PublicationForeclosure Received by AttorneySale Scheduled
Bidding InstructionsJudgment EnteredService Complete
Complaint FiledJudgment FiledSubmit REO Gram
Confirm Foreclosure CompletedNOS MailedTitle Ordered
FC Deed RecordedPost Referral NoticeTitle Received
File Received by AttorneyPosting/Publication CompleteTitle Reviewed
Final Title ClearRedemption Period ExpiredUpload Completed 1099