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Vendor Module

Value for Quandis Service Provider

Quandis Vendor Module provides a win-win for both our Service Providers and Vendors. As our clients prepare to hire a vendor, we provide them a simple solution for finding the best choice to fit their needs, 24 hours a day. They now have instant and easy access to our nationwide network of Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers, Notaries, Real Estate Appraisers, and Property Inspectors. Quandis provides the critical information such as experience, services, markets and zip code coverage to help our clients make quick and informed decisions.

Value for Quandis Vendors

The Quandis Vendor Module is your gateway to more clients. Quandis Clients include Lenders, Servicers, as well as Service Providers such as Outsourcers, Collections Agencies, Escrow Companies, and Property Preservation Companies.

You can showcase your expertise, proven record and reputation. Get noticed and get more business. Quandis offers vendors two simple profile and membership options.

  • Basic Profile Membership
    All users of the Quandis Vendor Module will benefit from being part of a large network that is viewed by all Quandis Clients and Service Providers. Your basic profile includes your contact information and a primary coverage area. Basic Membership to the Quandis Vendor Module is free.
  • Premier Profile Membership
    As a Premier member, you can take your profile to the next level. Your profile will be listed on the top of our service providers search page(s). Now you can now access all Quandis systems through a single sign-on. Set up a complete and customized profile that sets you apart from the crowd. Your profile can be updated as much and often as you want with areas of expertise, experience, photos, designations, awards and links to your website. List all your coverage areas by zip codes, counties, and cities. Premier members will receive text notifications advising of new orders from service providers. Manage all your orders from all your clients on a single dashboard. Premier Membership to the Quandis Vendor Module is only $10.00 a month or you can prepay for a year for only $100.00.

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