What Quandis Does

Quandis offers software solutions that focus on our customers’ needs and the ever-changing dynamics of the mortgage banking industry. We offer a range of software solutions and services, from our Quandis Business Objects Platform, applications built on the platform, and a variety of turnkey data services.

Mortgage Servicers

Quandis products and services are highly valued solutions for mortgage servicers. With a primary focus of areas within default servicing, we provide solutions that are as flexible as the ever-changing needs in this industry. Quandis enables servicers to simplify processes, gain efficiencies and stay in compliance.

Outsource Service Providers

Quandis technology is the chosen solution for many national source providers for the mortgage industry. We specialize in delivering services and applications that simplify processes, reduces costs and timelines, as well as improves the results and experience for their clients.

Agents and Brokers

Real Estate Agents and Brokers are an integral part of the Mortgage Servicing industry. Quandis valuation software allows these partners to accept orders and complete valuation products online. Agents and Brokers can manage an unlimited number of orders from an unlimited number of clients. Simple to use forms and workflow allow for quick and accurate completion and distribution of results to clients.

Default Attorneys

The founders of Quandis are the original innovators of comprehensive default management tools that allow both the mortgage servicer and default attorney to communicate electronically. All loan-related and legal-action milestone information is tracked and managed in our simple default management solution. Quandis brings vast experience and expertise with integrations into the most widely used loan servicing and case management systems within the default servicing industry.